Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to brew coffee?

On induction burners we tested, brew time is less than 2 minutes. We achieved similar results on a high power camping stove. Gas and radiant heat would add a little time depending on their efficiency.

How does Orb One make espresso without reaching 9 bars of pressure?

We’ve designed the basket geometry to achieve a better extraction at a lower pressure than other coffeemakers. The depth of the basket was calibrated to prevent under-extraction and achieve espresso levels of dissolved solids with finely ground coffee. The heatsink’s precise regulation of water flow and heat transfer also optimizes extraction while preventing the burnt taste of overheated coffee. While technically not a true espresso, Orb One allows you to brew a range of styles, filling the space between your standard drip and a 9-bar espresso.

How much coffee does this brew?

Depending on the style, the quantity can range from 1-8oz (30-250ml).