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"...this is a truly revolutionary home coffee brew method..."

-Rosamund and Sadry-Alexandre, founders of Café Mokxa, Lyon

" inspiring fresh look on what coffee can be..."

-Aaron Campos, Director of Coffee and Roasting Operations, Dark Matter Coffee

-Jesse Diaz, Founder & CEO,

Dark Matter Coffee

Orb One Stovetop Coffeemaker
Shipping May 2023

U.S. Shipping Only

Orb One is a unique, single-serve (8oz), stovetop coffeemaker that offers the flexibility to change the coffee type by simply using a different grind - ranging from the crispness of drip to espresso’s lushness and intensity - without compromising each style’s presentation, richness, and flavor. The Orb One completed a successful Kickstarter on March 25th 2021. To learn more, including in-depth updates on how this exceptional coffeemaker was brought to life, check out our Kickstarter here.

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